RECOSmart - A Customer Engagement
Mobility Platform

We help property developers better manage, inform and engage homebuyers - before, during and after construction.

RECOSmart is our white label mobility solution that acts a customer portal thereby promoting customer engagement through efficient distribution of information in a structured manner. The app also serves as marketing tool for developers to showcase their various projects which in turn helps them position their brand. With an inbuilt lead generation and referral management system, developers are always informed about their potential customer base through their brand ambassadors i.e. their existing homebuyers.

Lead Generation & Referral Management
White Label –Branding & Recall
Project Management
User Management
Grievance Management
RERA Updates
Payment & Documentation Updates
Evolving Technology

RECOSmart Features

Marketing And CRM Features

The RECOSmart app will provide the developers with the ability to white label the app as per their preference. This will enable a seamless integration of the application into the developers marketing requirements. And it will also help turn your homebuyers into strong ambassadors of your brand.

Rolling banners will allow the developers to showcase their futuristic vision of the end product to the homebuyers. These banners will also provide customers with a quick access mechanism to refer the project in the picture to potential customers. Through just a tap on the banner, the app will enable the customer to select contacts from his list and perform quick referral, thereby assisting in lead generation.

The other projects section allows the developers to showcase various other projects under their brand. This section also helps in lead generation as customers will be able to like these projects through the app thereby conveying their interest in the project.

The news section will provide developers with the option to broadcast information that are essential or necessary to their customers thereby marketing the developer’s brand. The information will be displayed over the application in the form of a news bulletin. The information displayed in this section can include achievements, quick wins, appreciation, notices etc.

The About Us section will display information pertaining to the Developer. It will also include a link to the developer’s website as well as quick access to all the social media handles of the developer. This will allow customers to connect with the developer easily.

Customer Portal Features

The project updates section allows developers to upload images related to the progress of the project. This will keep the customers updated about the current progress occurring at the site without them physically visiting it. Thus a single touch will provide the customer with the necessary satisfaction.

Flat details will provide customers with flat related- project and ownership details. The customer will have access to their desired unit’s details including its floor map and flat design

This section will enable developers to provide their customers with information regarding the registration and development of the ongoing project that they have invested in along with its associated percentage of completion.

This module provides all the payment details related to the customers flat. These details will be uploaded by the developer. In addition, it will also display payments that are completed, due, upcoming payments, agreed payment quotations and much more. The application will give reminders regarding upcoming payments through system notification.

Project Documents will segregate the information and present it to the customers in two categories: Project document and Flat related documents. This facilitates systematic storage and distribution of essential information to all involved parties. Project documents will be common to all the customers of the project, whereas flat related documents like payment receipts, demand letter, agreement for sale etc. will be specific to unit owners.

Administrative Features

The Profile section will allow customers to change their password, manage referrals made by them and also view their personal identification information. The app also facilitates the developers to maintain the KYC details of the owners and co-owners.

The Switch Project dropdown allows customers to manage multiple properties through the same login instance, irrespective of the project they have invested in. From developer's point of view it becomes easy to manage loyal customers having inventories in multiple projects by giving them the seamless customer experience throughout.

This section will address certain frequently asked questions that may arise from the customers during the buying process through a single touch on the screen. This will help developer's increase their internal efficiency as well as their productivity.

The Ask Us section will allow users to submit queries to the developers in a structured manner. The application will send emails to the responsible authorities as an when a query is submitted by the customer. A team at the developers end will have access to reply to these queries. The app will also indicate the status of the queries using simple color coded indicators.

SMS would be sent to customers on their Birthdays and Anniversaries.

New Age Technological Services

Services module is a placeholder where RECOS is committed to bringing up the latest transformative ways of handling and innovating the customer experience journey. To start with, 360 virtual Tour is one service which is incorporated today to experience the essence of show flats created by developer in a virtual reality atmosphere

This application is available on Android and iOS platform. A customer will be able to download and register it from Play Store/App Store post completing the flat registration process